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Urbanature Oak
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Product Description

Euro Oak Mega Collection

Classic 220mm wide boards combine both modern and antique finishes. Generous 6mm Oak top layers guarantee they will have the same lifespan as traditional hardwood floors. A multi-layer hardwood base makes the floor structurally even more stable than solid timber, avoiding common problems like cupping and twisting after installation.

These floors have been refined with brushing, hand scraping, smoking and staining techniques to create magnificent textural experiences. Captivating details through exquisite craftsmanship are embedded in each and every board to create a natural synergy with any style from French Farmhouse to New York Penthouse.

Grey Wash
Ghost Oak
Freya Oak
French Grey
Bianco Oak
Stone Grey
Newyork Style
Natural Brushed
Melody Grey
Ivory White
Herringbone CASA Collection

Herringbone flooring originated in Europe during the Baroque period. It is a traditional floor pattern still commonly used in some of the most prestigious buildings of Europe.

Because of its astonishing beauty and symmetry, herringbone has always been one of the most sought after wood flooring patterns.

CASA herringbone timber flooring is made of select grade oak only,the size Herringbone planks 610mm*122mm*15mm.

Herringbone flooring currently has the below colour range to fit into your life style:

Herringbone Natural
Herringbone Grey Wash
Herringbone Praga
Chalet Collection

Old world tradition meets today’s trend. Random widths and lengths are a European trend creating a very unique statement. Historically, random plank sizes came about in order to utilise the cut of the tree in the most efficient way possible.

Today, these random widths have been adapted to create extremely contemporary floors with a natural and authentic feel.

Size: 2800 (2200)mm*300 (190,110)*19mm

Colour Range:

Mountain Grey
White Wash